Sorry for _____

I wrote a blog post (I know, you're reading it!) that talks about the chronic apologising us gentlewomen have a tendency to do when sat in a makeup chair. Then I found a video online that explains it better than I ever could... Favourite quote; I too, do not feel I can measure up to this insane new measure of beauty…

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Beauty Basics

Beauty Basics Workshop

Beauty Basics Hi all, Happy Monday! How quickly is this year going? Aghh! Anyway! This last Saturday I had the pleasure of working with a lovely family for my Beauty Basics workshop. The workshop is aimed at teens and tweens and covers the basics of application, tools of the trade and a practical session where mistakes are encouraged and we…

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Who else hates the word ‘Glam’?

Last week I had the pleasure of making over my lovely Sister in Law Sophie. I also had the fortune of my brother being present to set up a time-lapse camera, thanks Nick! On the off chance that you’re not a lady wanting a makeover and you are indeed interesting in commissioning a corporate video (maybe you do both, that…

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Makeup Setup

Sunday’s Workshop

Girls - Workshop Last Sunday I ran a ‘Mother Daughter’ workshop for 2 of my lovely friends and their daughters. We agreed beforehand which techniques and looks we wanted to achieve so that I could devise a personal plan for all 4. BTS - Annabel     In the afternoon we focused on stage makeup that would translate across multiple…

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Mateusz Urbanowicz - Storefront #1

Mateusz Urbanowicz – Tokyo Watercolours

This morning my lovely other half put me onto this awesome illustrator. We've ordered the 2 prints below, how gorgeous are they? 😍 If you're a fan of time lapse illustrations, check out the vid on the link below: Happy Sunday peeps 👍

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Guys, I made a ‘boo boo’…

Last week I attended a networking event. In order to get there before work I swapped my early shift for a late and cancelled my quartet rehearsal because I was now working late. Feeling feisty (?) I ordered twice the amount of business cards and paid express shipping just so I could have them to hand out at the event. Today upon showing the cards to…

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Sunday’s shoot

I had the opportunity to shoot with the lovely Maryam (and sister and stylist Naomi) and Tabitha on the camera yesterday. I also got to have a snuggle with 'Monty' (ferret) who was part of an earlier shoot. Never turn down a ferret cuddle, it's a wriggly delight.. Pics will be up here a little later this week. Until then, here…

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Hi all, Welcome to my first post! My plan for this here blog is to talk through recent projects, product I've been enjoying etc. So, I thought I would start with a book recommendation... Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest Cover Sali Hugues - Preety Honest Excerpt Mr Annabelle has  kindly treated me to two Sali Hughes books. If you're at…

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