Before makeup AKA ‘BM’ I had a host of lady friends and family members who every Birthday, Christmas, Wedding (and other various occasions) I had no clue as to what to buy them. Generally speaking, if they wanted something for themselves they would buy it (obvs excluding luxury island resorts and posh cars).

Having recently run some mother daughter workshops, some teen beauty basics courses and booked in a few last minute brides, it occurred to me that this could be a quick (and thoughtful) fix for your hard to buy for wimmin.

So, perhaps you’re a bridesmaid and your bride is yet to book her makeup artist, a voucher could book her a makeup preview with me at her location. If it’s your mums birthday, why not get the two of you together and I’ll come to you and we’ll have a mini workshop. If you have a teen that wants to learn the beauty basics with a friend. If you’re an adult gentlewoman and don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to makeup but would like to! You get the idea…

Vouchers come in £50, £75 and £100 denominations, but of course, if there’s something specific you would like to request, get in touch at or 07921 845 290 and I will put something together for you.

Please note, if travelling outside of the Manchester area, a travel surcharge will be applied.