As someone who is now planning a wedding, what has struck me is that I totally understand the overwhelm in choosing the right team.

Makeup, hair and photography all play a fairly intimate part of your day. Often these are the people who are there when you are first starting off your day and are mixed in with your friends and family. Naturally you want someone who will give you great results but it’s also important that you work with people that you *like* and who you don’t mind having around before you’ve had a proper coffee.

I also know that there is a sea of makeup artists out there and sometimes it can be tricky to know what it is you want. With that in mind, here are a few points to start you off:

It’s ok to Instagram/fb stalk as it will give you a feel for the different types of makeup artists out there. Equally, if you’ve done this and it’s properly confused you then it’s ok to ask the mua’s you’ve found if they have reviews or testimonials to share. A bit of old school is ok!

Find someone who shares your aesthetic. If you want full glam then don’t choose an artist who shares very natural looking pictures. If a softer look is your bag then a feed full of heavy contour might not be the best fit for you. What’s their signature style? Does the artist produces looks that fit your personal style?

If something feels off, listen to your gut. Aside from acts of god etc, it should be easy to contact and communicate with your stylist. You need to be able to be totally honest and feel confident that they are listening to you. It should feel ok to say ‘‘I’m unsure/nervous about ____’

A trial run is a no-brainer. It gives you a feel for the makeup artist and a plan for the day, and of course it allows you to try a few different options. You don’t just want a ‘yes man’ but rather someone who can give you positive feedback i.e ‘This is really pretty, but with your skin tone, something like ___ might be the most flattering’. Equally, if you are set on a certain idea, then it is the makeup artists job to give you the best possible version of that.

Go for someone who makes you feel calm. If they are the most incredible artist but make you feel jittery then perhaps rethink. You only want good vibes around you!

If you have reached out to a makeup artist and asked for a quote or for further details, it is polite to reply, even if it’s just to say ‘thanks, I will bear this in mind’. Also, I leave this reminder here as a kick in the ass for myself (as I leave catering emails unanswered in my inbox..)

In summary, everyone is not for everyone and thank jaysus, because it means when you find your perfect stylist you just know, things flow and it’s a damn fun time.

If you have questions or want to see if we could be a good fit, then please get in touch at (if we aren’t, then that’s also ok <3)