Hello dear reader, I hope you are well and managing to stay ‘ok’ during this bat-shit time. Aside from the obvious tragedy, for those of us used to having (and enjoying) control, perhaps you, like me are going back to the drawing board and starting a new plan..

I started retailing makeup at the beginning of this year. Sick of sending my brides off to Selfridges to go and spend their coins at a makeup counter and not receive a seamless experience, I thought it better to sell the lipstick to my clients and us all win. Plus, there’s nothing ‘luxury’ about a little plastic pot of scraped lipstick on your wedding day.

So, I was all excited to get trying these prods on my clients when the world stopped..

In another life, (well, it was about 5 years ago) I sold another makeup line via direct sales. Without naming and shaming, whilst I enjoyed some of the products, the approach made me feel a bit ‘icky’ and I didn’t want to alienate friends and family. Now a bit older, wiser, fatter (whatever, I know more!) I heard about Limelife through some of the makeup artists in the pro groups I’m in online and it seemed like they were doing things differently. These makeup artists used the products for their jobs in tv, on celebrities and in film and I thought ‘oh, well this is very interesting’. Then I watched, and watched some more and thought ‘oh for god’s sake, I’d be buying stuff like this for my kit anyway’ and I bought the starter kit.

And, I love it. I do. Yes, it’s a direct sales company. But it’s one that’s built on ethics, and raising women up, and paraben free skincare and pro makeup product that previously, only makeup artists had access to. I’m doing it in a way that feels genuine to me and the people that know me.

What I’ve found so far is that I’m learning so much. I’m practicing my makeup skills, I’ve found a community and I’m excited again to share makeup. This time I’m focusing on the basics and I’m dealing with real women and honestly, that’s my favourite thing ever. Before I get too wanky, this past few weeks has helped me develop massive confidence in what I know, and what I enjoy doing..

I get to help others shop, I help them navigate skincare, I can show them what colours and textures work for them, do tutorials on product and it helps me work from home (and we can all continue wearing our stretchy pants and I mean for god’s sake, why didn’t I open with this??)

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being able to work face to face with someone, but for now I’ll be existing virtually and sharing everything I know that way.

If I annoy you (which I’ll try so hard not to) then consider this your carte blanche to unfollow.

If you fancy joining me and learning with me, then drop me a line (I promise you I won’t promise you your own private island).

And if I can help you buy that perfect lipstick, then please let me know. <3

Ps, I will be returning to actual makeup IRL asap