One of the things I love most about being a makeup artist is getting to know people. Sitting down with someone and talking about what they do and don’t want, what their challenges are and how they want to feel often leads to some really interesting chats. It’s so nice (and rare) to have a conversation where you’re not both staring at your iphone. I don’t mean to sound ‘wanky’ but it’s a great antidote to the ‘shiny shiny, ooh look a pigeon!’ attention span a lot of us have these days.

Side note; it doesn’t have to be deep and soul-searching. Sometimes it’s talking about the weather, Christmas shopping or your cousin John and that has it’s place too.

Here are a few of the common themes I hear time and again and chillld, can I relate:

I want to look like myself. Yes!! I agree and I want you to too! A few people want total transformation, but for the most part I find most people want to look in the mirror and think ‘god I look great’, not ‘who is she?’. Sometimes changing up your makeup can be such a subtle thing that people will remark on your glow, ask if you’re getting more kip, or there’s just something about you that they can’t put their finger on. It’s often these small tweaks that make all the difference to your look.

I want to know what suits me: Part of the agro of shopping for makeup is dispelled when you know what colours, textures and finishes suit your skin and make you look great. Attached to blue mascara? Want to try a softer look? Tempted to buy a bright lip colour? There are ways to keep your look modern and timeless and incorporate what you want.

I want a routine that looks great and doesn’t take an hour. I totally get this, not every day calls for foundation, not every morning permits winged eyeliner, not every impatient toddler/teenager will wait for a perfect red lipstick. Having 4 great things for those days when there really is no extra time is a game changer. For me, it’s tinted brow gel, mascara, concealer and blush, 5 mins, tops!

I don’t really do makeup/know if I should wear ____ If you don’t wear any makeup then that’s totally cool. But, I gather that if you’re reading this then maybe there’s a small part of you who’s curiosity is piqued. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated, or scary, or dismissed as pure vanity. If your frame of reference is YouTube tutorials or Instagram posts that don’t make you feel good, then cool, let’s not do that! In my experience, finding out what makeup can do for your confidence can often help in feeling like you have your stuff together in other parts of your life (and that shit is indispensable).

I know you know how to get in touch, but if I can help at all with any one of your thoughts or questions, then email/msg/call me.

Happy Weekend!

PS, in the absence of a suitable image, I chose this picture of me holding a ferret (this does not represent most of my clients interests, though, who knows..)