When I worked on a makeup counter I’d so often hear ‘I’m not a makeup person…I’m no good at makeup…my skin is terrible…sorry my lips are so dry’ and a multitude of apologies before the person had even sat down. I get it, it can be scary to walk into a beauty hall and wonder what is there for you. I think it can also be hard to say you don’t know how to do something or feel like you don’t measure up. I know, I do it. It’s exactly the same story for me every time I get my hair cut, I rock up to my cool as hell salon in my anorak and am all ‘sorry that it’s knotty/needs a wash/is dry at the back’ (shame shame shame etc).

Since having my daughter, I swing between massively unkempt and halfway ‘done’ and I generally care a lot less. I love makeup, I don’t always wear it, but I do know that it is still for me; that I do deserve it and that it equals self care and time for myself which is hugely important.

As with most worries (about what other people think of us) they are largely unfounded and we should stop apologising for ourselves immediately. We deserve to be there and we deserve to look amazing, plus the fact, all that emotional worry is exhausting and nobody’s got time for that. So I invite you to stop giving a f- and get stuck in, makeup is for you and you deserve it.